Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Teachers

We would like to introduce you to all the wonderful and eclectic group of Rocket Yoga Teachers that have grown to become a worldwide family! We will allow this page to grow as teachers contact us directly and offer us their bio and teaching philosophy. We hope soon you will be able to browse by country, state, or city. This is a process and is totally based on the teacher contacting us directly.

Below you will see a list of photos and bios of teachers who offer trainings in Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. We will establish a list of teachers who trained directly with Larry Schultz if they choose to be apart of the greater community. As the list grows students/teachers who do not have direct knowledge will be placed here to ensure a full list honoring all teachers who have devoted themselves to the practice. We are a growing family :) We suggest you only participate in teacher trainings with teachers who hold direct authorization from Larry Schultz, some of whom are listed below. Just ask your teacher about where their experience comes from to teach this practice.

Level 4 teachers are allowed to offer certification courses in Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. Level 3 teachers are allowed to led Rocket Intensives, teach in conferences, and mentorship of new teachers. Level 2 teachers are allowed to participate as assitants in trainings and offer Mentorship to new students. Level 1 teachers are recongized as community leaders and may begin the mentorship process.

*** A complete list is coming soon! Teachers who have expressed collaberation will be added soon. Want to share your profile and trainings! Write us at***