Manuel Oria Nazario

Puerto Rico

Level 3

Level 3 teachers are allowed to led Rocket Intensives, teach in conferences, and provide mentorship to new teachers.

Manuel found his love for yoga during college years while dealing with academic stress and confusing times. However he was clear on the idea that maintaining a healthy lifestyle was the only thing that kept him focused and grounded. Soon he realized Ashtanga Yoga was all his body and soul were seeking. He felt that everything started to make much more sense as a daily practice started to gain ground. After college graduation he jumped right into it and decided to study with David Kyle in San Juan, Puerto Rico completing his first 200-hours training in the Progressive Ashtanga Yoga program in 2014. Later in 2017, he graduated from the 500 Hour program. So as today, Manuel continues his studies with David, beyond the 500-Hours level, beyond the mat and beyond any yoga class. He has been teaching non interrupted at Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico in his hometown San Juan, Puerto Rico since 2014 and, in 2017, began to run the 200-hour Teacher Training program by David’s own request and blessing. Currently he teaches both Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa classes, workshops and continuing education seminars for yoga teachers at AYPR and abroad. On his eternal student journey, Manuel has also studied with renowned teachers Manju Jois, Richard Freeman, Tim Fieldmann, and David Williams.

As a lover of science and knowledge, Manuel keeps daily practice as a well of wisdom using every possible challenge on and beyond the mat as an excuse to go back to being a student and develop new ways and patterns to evolve. His self practice, the real source of knowledge, is based mainly in Ashtanga & Rocket Vinyasa but not limited to it. He incorporates classical Calisthenics, the Wim.

Hof Method, a variety of experimental movement practices, contemporary dance and lots of floor seating during “office hours”. His classes aim to conduct students into a deep self inquiry from a humoristic and metaphoric point of view while allowing his experience to flow through well researched movements, scientific facts, and yogic philosophy statements. Manuel’s classes resembles his young and driven spirit and his passion for awakening the inner spark on every student.

When Manuel is not doing yoga, you may catch him on the kitchen experimenting with all sorts of culinary activities. Check out his online comedy cook show on instagram ;) He also has a strong passion for music and the “yoga” that lies beneath performing, writing and producing. Check out his former band Ma Catharsis et la Mort and his on-going duo project, Daiquiri Girls. He also started to work recently on a solo project in which he plans to incorporate his own music to yoga classes.

-Basketball/Volleyball athlete

-Natural Science Bachelor degree with minor on Exercise Physiology at University of Puerto Rico

-Progressive Ashtanga 200Hour and 500Hr Teacher Training

-Ashtanga Yoga For the Rest of Your Life weekend training with David Williams

-Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Manju Jois

-The Art of Adjustments training with Tim Feldmann

-YOga Sutra Seminar with Tim Fieldmann

-Wim Hof Method Fundamentals with Donato Helbling

manuel oria nazario
manuel oria nazario