Patrick McCleaf "China Cat Pat"

United States

Level 3

Level 3 teachers are allowed to led Rocket Intensives, teach in conferences, and provide mentorship to new teachers.

Patrick has always been into movement. So much so that he decided to major in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland. When he put a hold on my passionate affair with Jiu Jitsu to finish his degree, he fell into a somewhat consistent practice taking yoga for college credit. Patrick found that the vinyasa movement linked with the breath brought him into those timeless states of clarity that he found in other athletics; soccer as a child, snowboarding as an adolescent, and Jiu Jitsu as a young adult. Patrick enrolled in yoga teacher training immediately after graduating college, thinking that he could supplement personal training with teaching a few yoga classes. He fell in love with the practice when it became firmly rooted and earnest. Returning to the mat day after day continues to create space for more loving awareness than he could ever have imaged.

Patrick practices and teaches Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa in Washington, D.C. He has completed a 500-hour certification with Yoga District in Washington, D.C, and another 500-hour certification with Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico. Patrick is forever grateful to his partner and closest teacher, Sara “Bear” Gruss, a fellow Rocket and Dharma yoga teacher. "Endless love to my teachers Faith Scimecca, David Kyle, Jasmine Chehrazi, Aqeel Viveka OM, Marie Belle Perez Rivera and all others who have touched my life."