Method Yoga by Reed Taylor


Level 4

Level 4 teachers are allowed to offer certification courses in Rocket Vinyasa Yoga.

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Reed Taylor is the creator of Method Yoga and one of the original creative influences on Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. He currently teaches Method Yoga, which incorporates Rocket Vinyasa Yoga technique. Reed has the most extensive video collection on Rocket Yoga Training and is the original author of the first Rocket Yoga Training Manual.

Method Yoga is designed for those interested yoga and fitness. Because we confined to this body how we move and train is essentially important to wellbeing and success. Any movement system that lacks key insight gained from the biological sciences and modern athletic training principles is outdated and omits key features necessary for students to excel in today's complex world. Method Yoga represents the current drive of Integral theory though movement and bodily training. Method Yoga is an inclusive system that dissolves the boundaries that isolate and separate various approaches that lead to fragmentation and division. Disunity occurs through recognizing differences and forgetting the implicit unity as well as key drivers. Thus Method Yoga offers the student a processes of development and transformation by uniting methodologies of old and new so one begins to experience true liberation, wholeness and actualization which is the definition and purpose of "yoga."

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