Tiago Rocha

Spain & Italy

Level 3

Level 3 teachers are allowed to led Rocket Intensives, teach in conferences, and provide mentorship to new teachers.

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Tiago Rocha was born in 1975 in Brazil from a family with a great artistic and spiritual background. From an early age, Tiago was in contact with many diverse forms of artistic expression. During his teenage years he started skateboarding and surfing, which brought him closer to nature and a more conscious and healthy lifestyle. Out of all the martial arts he practiced, Capoeira stands out as his great passion which lasted several years. The desire to deepen his body-mind skills took him to Galpão do Circo (a circus school in São Paulo-Brazil), where he undertook intensive training and also taught for years. In his quest for connection and awareness through the body he met Yoga, Traditional Thai Massage and Acrobatics. Enthusiastic, inventive and passionate about body movement through space and time, he is mostly found sharing his experience teaching Rocket Yoga masterclasses, workshops, retreats and immersions around Spain and Europe as well as AcroYoga.

With boundless gratitude, he takes inspiration from: his parents Marcos and Marilia; the freedom and joy of the AcroYoga from Jason Nemer Jenny Sauer-Klein; Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Metta teachers Dayalu Krishnataki (Sunshine School). Tiago currently has as major influence and inspiration of his work: David C. Kyle (Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Progressive Ashtanga Puerto Rico), Angelo Cecchi (Hatha Iyengar - Rishikesh), Eva Oller (Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Pattabhi Jois – Be Yoga Formentera) and Sebastián Arbondo (Ashtanga Yoga Osaka – Japan).

Yoga is a lifetime trip for Tiago. Metta, light flight! ॐ

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